Russian Expansionism: Enduring Goals and Recurring Methods

Russia's messianic, expansionist and militarist propensity is inseparable from the autocratic matrix of Russian power.

Why and how Russia is Transferring Ukrainian Children

One of the goals of the Russian invasion is to capture and then Russify large numbers of Ukrainian citizens in order to support Russia's declining demographics.

Fighting an Uphill Battle

How to win when your enemy is superior in number of men and weapons? The Ukrainian political scientist calls for “reframing the fight”.

The Indispensable Return of America

The delay in the vote by the American Congress on a new tranche of aid to Ukraine is being paid very dearly in Ukraine and on the international scene. This delay having allowed Russia to strengthen itself, the war will still be long and costly.

When Soft Power Turns Hard

The Ukrainian political scientist calls on the West to be lucid, because Russian propagandists are using culture to give a more “humane” image to the genocidal barbarity of the Putin regime.

Ukraine’s Dark Clouds – and a Silver Lining?

By the end of last year, international news on Ukraine began increasingly to look like obituaries. “Kyiv on edge,” “Ukraine’s grim prospects,” “Ukraine braces for political disaster,” “Ukraine’s nightmare scenario is now a reality”: these are just a few headlines…

Where is the Will of the West?

In the confrontation between the West and Russia which started on February 24, 2022, the West and Ukraine had everything they needed to win: economic resources far superior to Russia's, a technological edge in military capabilities, and last but not least, the international law on their side. Despite this,...

The Second Front

Russia is carrying out undermining work among the Ukrainians themselves, but also by infiltrating Western decision-making circles, in Washington and in European capitals. Preventing Western support for a final victory for Ukraine and discouraging Ukrainians from fighting until victory, these are the Russian objectives that our author analyzes and denounces.

The war Against Ukraine Exposes the Shortcomings of International Humanitarian law: Together we can Remedy Them

Mikhail Savva, political scientist and expert at the Ukrainian Centre for Civil Liberties, calls for reform of international humanitarian law in the face of Russian authorities' misleading and deceitful behavior. In his view, the existing mechanisms are not sufficient to force Russia to respect the international conventions it has...

NATO, the Only Real Guarantee of Security for a Free and Independent Ukraine

After heavy tanks and long-range missiles, the lifting of the ban on the delivery of F-16 aircraft marks a new stage in the strengthening of the Ukrainian armed forces. In military and operational terms, this army is on a par with those of the main NATO member countries. When...

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