How to Explain the Yo-Yos of French Diplomacy?

Where does the idea come from to invite Russia, which did not participate in the Landing nor does it share the values ​​that are the very foundations of our societies?

On China as a Proxy for Russia-Eurasia: Lies and Historical Approximations in Chinese Geopolitical Discourse

In Europe, people are finally recognizing the depth of the Beijing-Moscow strategic axis, the driving force behind anti-Western dynamics and imperialist resentment.

Russian Expansionism: Enduring Goals and Recurring Methods

Russia's messianic, expansionist and militarist propensity is inseparable from the autocratic matrix of Russian power.

The Quarrels of the Russian Opposition

A new documentary, produced by Alexeï Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund and devoted to the Yeltsin period, has sparked contrasting reactions. This intense controversy reveals a lot about the state of mind of Russian society.

The Great Russian Pretence

The Russian propaganda discourse resonates with certain conservatives. Our author looks at the way in which, far from defending a European “civilization”, the Putin regime has transformed into an “eschatological sect”.

Where is the Will of the West?

In the confrontation between the West and Russia which started on February 24, 2022, the West and Ukraine had everything they needed to win: economic resources far superior to Russia's, a technological edge in military capabilities, and last but not least, the international law on their side. Despite this,...

The Second Front

Russia is carrying out undermining work among the Ukrainians themselves, but also by infiltrating Western decision-making circles, in Washington and in European capitals. Preventing Western support for a final victory for Ukraine and discouraging Ukrainians from fighting until victory, these are the Russian objectives that our author analyzes and denounces.

They Made Putinism: Gleb Pavlovsky (1951-2023), the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the Green Jacket

After her portrait of Vladislav Sourkov, the Kremlin's éminence grise, historian Cécile Vaissié offers Desk Russia the second part of her series "They made Putinism". Indeed, other people than Vladimir Putin have, with him, designed and built Putinism, and made it work. One of the main "builders" of Putinism,...

Vladislav Surkov, the “Aesthete” of the Shadows

A great expert on post-Soviet Russia, Professor Cécile Vaissié offers Desk Russie the beginning of her series "They made Putinism", and the first part is devoted to one of the key figures of the regime, Vladislav Surkov. When Ukrainians say that not Putin alone wages war on them, since...

Understanding Uprooting: With Charlotte Beradt

The art historian and writer Olga Medvedkova delivers the second part of her “little library of antifascism” to tell us about the fate of the “uprooted”. Not only of emigrants, but also of those who remain in their homeland invaded by Evil — whether Hitler’s Germany or Putin’s Russia...
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