Who are we?

The newsletter and the website Desk Russie were launched in May 2021 by the association A l’Est de Brest-Litovsk, created in January 2021, whose objective is to promote and disseminate quality information and analysis on Russia and the countries of the former USSR, as well as on Russian domestic and foreign policy. Desk Russie is run by a team of specialists on Russia and Eastern Europe: experienced journalists, researchers, historians, experts on international issues.

  • President of the association and director of publication: Philippe De Lara
  • Vice-president of the association and editorial director: Galia Ackerman
  • Editorial board: Ioulia Berezovskaïa, Natalia Kanevsky, Natalie Nougayrède, Jean-François Bouthors, Philippe De Lara, Françoise Thom
  • Design and editing of the site: Simon Holzman

Our funding

Desk Russie is supported by a team of volunteers. Our newsletter and its website are financed by individual and association donations. The contents of Desk Russie are free of access and do not include any advertising. Our objective is to disseminate facts and references to as wide an audience as possible — to nurture the debate on Russia.

Our principles

The contents of Desk Russie are exclusively the editorial choices of the team. Our choices are independent; they are not based on any partisan consideration, nor on the slightest dependence on any interest group, whatever it may be. The articles published in the Opinion section are not binding on the association or the publication.

Our priority

We want to defend the essence of the democratic debate, that is to say a debate based on clear information, as complete and thorough as possible, easily accessible to all.

Our postal address

11 Square Vitruve
75020 Paris