Azat Miftakhov: “While Claiming to Fight Terrorism, the Russian State Seeks to Maintain its Monopoly on Terror”

We publish the latest court statement of mathematician Azat Miftakhov. This young anarchist had already served a heavy sentence. He has just been convicted of “apology of terrorism”.

“Russia is Behaving According to the Colonial Schemes of the Past”

On June 13, the Mohyla Academy in Kyiv awarded an honoris causa doctorate to Herman Van Rompuy. On this occasion, during the videoconference ceremony, the former President of the European Council (2009-2014) and former Belgian Prime Minister delivered a emblematic speech that we reproduce here. It is the tragedy of...

Immediate Opening of Negotiations on Ukraine’s Accession to the European Union: Appeal to eu Council President Emmanuel Macron

Desk Russie publishes this appeal of intellectuals, academics, politicians, journalists from all over Europe to Emmanuel Macron as President of the Council of the EU and President of the Republic. We have already published recently a text by Andreas Umland who advocates the same solution: to accelerate the accession...

“Memorial” in Danger : not to Remain Silent!

The General Prosecutor's Office of Russia sued the Supreme Court to liquidate the International Society "Memorial". Following this, the Moscow Public Prosecutor's Office filed a liquidation suit with the Moscow City Court against the Human Rights Center "Memorial". Both these organizations are recognized by the Ministry of Justice as...

A new East European University Must be Established in an EU Member State

OPEN LETTER to the European Commission and national governments - from scientists and cultural figures In the face of the repression in Russia and Belarus, eminent personalities from the Western world and Russia are calling for the creation of a university where thousands of opponents forced into exile by the...

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