When Russia “helps” Africa

The African summit in St. Petersburg was not a great success. But Vladimir Putin was able to harangue to his heart's content. Evicting Westerners from Africa under the pretext of fighting "neo-imperialism" by seizing natural resources as a gesture of "recognition" from African dictatorships.

Wild Geese

Drones descend on the Kremlin, Russian rebels attack Belgorod, Russian positions are attacked in Ukraine, but Vladimir Putin and his entourage continue to display their faith in the final victory. In view of the disaster at the Kakhovka power plant, should we rather speak of his nihilism and his...

A Feigned Innocence

Our cartoonist tackles the destruction of the Kakhovka dam by the Russians, while the Putin regime continues to claim, falsely, its innocence. As so many times already… Let us remember the Malaysian Boeing, the poisoning of Navalny and the Skripals, the bombings and destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, also attributed...

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Mania for Grandeur

This time, our cartoonist tackles the mania for grandeur of Putin's "cook" who, according to rumours, was ready to divulge Russian military secrets to the Ukrainians in exchange for victory in Bakhmout. Anyone who praises the bravery and know-how of the Ukrainian army would never have had a response...

When we Keep Neutral Despite Everything

Our cartoonist attacks the so-called neutral position of the "Global South" which stubbornly refuses to recognize the criminal nature of the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. In this concert, the position of the BRICS countries is alarming: there are situations where neutrality is equal to complicity.

“Vacation Camp”

This time, our cartoonist tackles the abduction of Ukrainian children by the Russian military, under the pretext of "saving" them. A system of vacation camps, which are actually re-education camps, was created to instill in these children torn from their families, language and culture "Russian values". One of the...

Putin: “We don’t Know What to do With our Money! »

After a year of war, international sanctions are seriously penalizing the Russian economy and war machine, but nothing yet threatens the personal wealth of Putin and some of his relatives. With Epo, hopefully this won't last!

The Best Christmas Gift

What is the best Christmas present for Ukrainians who are suffering in their flesh from the savage and violent war waged by Putin and his minions? Missiles, tanks, air defense installations, etc. In the dream of our cartoonist Epo, Santa Claus grants the wishes of the Ukrainian people. Western...

After the Hardened Criminals Engaged in the Russian Army, who is Next?

For months, Evgueni Prigojine, the boss of the Wagner mercenaries, has been crisscrossing Russian penal colonies in search of criminals ready to trade their prison stay for participation in the fighting in Ukraine. For his part, Vladimir Putin authorized the mobilization of former criminals who had committed serious crimes....

When the Draft is in Full Swing in Russia

Several Russian officials have denounced the overzealousness of Russian recruitment offices, which issue military convocations to blind people, pensioners and invalids. Our cartoonist evokes this phenomenon of obsequiousness with regard to power, which above all reveals the flaws of the regime.

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