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Azat Miftakhov: “While Claiming to Fight Terrorism, the Russian State Seeks to Maintain its Monopoly on Terror”

We publish the latest court statement of mathematician Azat Miftakhov. This young anarchist had already served a heavy sentence. He has just been convicted of “apology of terrorism”.

Alexander Skobov: “The Imperial Essence of the Russian State Must Disappear”

On April 3, Alexander Skobov, 66, a former Soviet political prisoner and one of our authors, was arrested in St. Petersburg. He is accused of “apology of terrorism”.

A war Against Russian Culture Constitutes Support for Vladimir Putin

In this paper, the former Soviet dissident explains that Russian culture lives through difficult times under Putin’s regime, especially after the invasion of Ukraine. He proposes not to put an equal sign between Lev Tolstoy’s pacifism and Vladimir Putin’s militarism. “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my...

Imagine Wearing “Fascist” Clothes

The war against Ukraine has placed Russia in the category of pariah states. As far as the Russian "state" is concerned, there is no doubt about it. But what about the individual responsibility of each citizen in a country with a dictatorial regime? This is the question posed by...

How the West Should Treat a “Bad Guy”

Russian-American relations are looking more and more like a high-school rivalry between a dumb-ass bully and an intelligent boy from a good family who does not like to fight. The leader of the local scum realizes he is incapable of pleasing his classmates, so he tries to keep them...

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