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Why and how Russia is Transferring Ukrainian Children

One of the goals of the Russian invasion is to capture and then Russify large numbers of Ukrainian citizens in order to support Russia's declining demographics.

The war Against Ukraine Exposes the Shortcomings of International Humanitarian law: Together we can Remedy Them

Mikhail Savva, political scientist and expert at the Ukrainian Centre for Civil Liberties, calls for reform of international humanitarian law in the face of Russian authorities' misleading and deceitful behavior. In his view, the existing mechanisms are not sufficient to force Russia to respect the international conventions it has...

The UN, Russian Aggression and the Impasses of Collective Security: Elements of Analysis and Response

The UN is experiencing a serious crisis following the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The Security Council is paralyzed by the Russian use of its veto power, which serves to cover up its misdeeds and exactions. Is there a solution? The majority votes of the United Nations General Assembly, first to...

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