When Soft Power Turns Hard

The Ukrainian political scientist calls on the West to be lucid, because Russian propagandists are using culture to give a more “humane” image to the genocidal barbarity of the Putin regime.

Maria Vassilievna Rozanova: a Major Figure of Russian Literature and Dissidence

It is not easy to profile Maria Vassilievna Rozanova (1930, Vitebsk - 2023, Fontenay-aux-Roses), a publisher, author, art historian, architect, jeweler and fashion designer. This valiant, brilliant and unclassifiable woman was a key figure in Russian intellectual life and a great mind. In the 1970s and 1980s, Paris was the...

Russian-soviet History: the March Backwards

The new book of Françoise Thom, La marche à rebours. Regards sur l'histoire soviétique et russe, Sorbonne université presses, 2021, is a sum in which the author reassesses Russian and Soviet history in light of the numerous discoveries that the opening of many archives and the emergence of many...

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